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  1. Size limits for TESS studies
  2. Variables in TESS Standard Data Delivery
  3. Variables in AmeriSpeak's Public Affairs Profile
  4. Variables in AmeriSpeak's Health Profile
  5. Variables in AmeriSpeak's Financial Profile
  6. Variables in AmeriSpeak's Core Adult Profile
  7. TESS review process flowchart
  8. Summary of AmeriSpeak's Panel design
  9. List of TESS Associate PIs
  10. IRB support information from NORC
  11. Template of Project Specification to be provided by authors of successful proposals to NORC
  12. NORC specifications for multimedia elements
  13. Open-Ended Prompt Treatments


  1. What are the overall goals of TESS?
  2. What sampling methodology is used for TESS surveys?
  3. What kinds of proposals are appropriate?
  4. Who pays for TESS?
  5. Who runs TESS?
  6. What is a general population experiment?
  7. What are advantages of general population experiments?
  8. Why is time-sharing beneficial?

Submitting a Proposal

  1. Who is eligible to submit a proposal?
  2. When is the deadline for submission of a proposal?
  3. How do I submit a proposal?
  4. How long can my proposal be?
  5. What information must my proposal include?
  6. Can I submit more than one proposal at a time?
  7. What kinds of proposals are most likely to be successful?
  8. My proposal is neither experimental nor quasi-experimental. Will TESS accept it?
  9. How many items can I include? How many subjects can I have?
  10. Can I do a study of members of [specific subgroup]?
  11. Why are there limits on what I can ask for?
  12. What other items are included in the standard TESS data delivery?
  13. What additional items can be added to the TESS data delivery for my study?
  14. What if I need more respondent-questions than described above?
  15. What if my survey employs open-ended questions?
  16. What if I want to sample a specific subpopulation?
  17. What if I want to conduct an endowment experiment?
  18. What if I want to conduct an experiment that involves deception?
  19. Can TESS provide information on response times?
  20. Can I do randomized block designs using TESS?
  21. Are there limits on the number of experiments that I can run on TESS?
  22. How do I submit a proposal to TESS's Short Studies Program (SSP)?
  23. Can I conduct my study in both English and Spanish?
  24. Can I conduct my study by web and phone?

TESS Review Process

  1. What happens after I submit a proposal?
  2. How long will I have to wait to hear whether or not TESS accepts my proposal?
  3. How are resubmissions of previous proposals treated?
  4. Can I resubmit my rejected proposal to TESS?
  5. How many proposals will TESS accept?

Fielding an Accepted Proposal

  1. What is provisional acceptance?
  2. What is the requirement for institutional review board (IRB) documentation?
  3. What happens after I get human subjects approval?
  4. When will I receive the data from my experiment?
  5. For how long will I have exclusive access to the data from my proposal?
  6. What are my obligations to TESS after I receive my data?
  7. Will my proposal also be made available online?



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