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TESS is pleased to announce the winning proposals of our Special Competition for Real Stakes Experiments: TESS had a special competition for proposals of experiments that offer monetary rewards to participants. Congratulations to the winners of the competition and thank you to all who participated and submitted proposals! The winning proposals and authors are listed below (1/2015):

"Black-White Relations in the Wake of Hispanic Growth: Generosity and Identification" - Maria Abascal

"Economic Spillovers of Political Polarization" - Neil Malhotra, Matthew Levendusky, & Yotam Margalit

"Helping the Homeless: Empathy, Race, and Perceptions of Homelessness in America" - Kimberly Gross, Julie Wronski, & Robert Entman

"Misperceptions of the Global Income Distribution and Preferences for Cross-National Redistribution in the United States" - Gautam Nair


TESS is pleased to announce the winning proposals of our Special Competition for Young Investigators: In total, we received over 100 proposals and a total of 8 were accepted. The winning proposals and authors are listed below (1/2014):

“Effects of Deliberative Minipublics on Public Opinion: Experimental Evidence from a Survey on Social Security Reform”- Sean Ingham and Ines Levin

“Impact of Response Scale Direction on Survey Responses to Factual/Behavioral Questions”- Florian Keusch

“Extreme Policy Proposals and Public Opinion”- Erik Peterson

“A Piece of the Pie: Achievement, Children’s Sex, and Parent Resource Distribution”- Natasha Yurk

“Body Size, Illness, and Blame: Causal Attributions and Social Consequences”- Karen Powroznik

“The Victim Paradox: How Portrayals of Suffering Affect Attitudes about Gay People and Gay Rights”- Seth Goldman

“Work and Democratic Citizenship: A Theory of Ego Depletion and Political Participation”- Benjamin Newman and Christopher Johnston

“Prosocial Motivation, Social Position, and Support for Social Welfare Policy”- Amber Wichowsky and Meghan Condon

New APIs (4/2013): TESS is pleased to announce a new team of associate principal investigators, which includes a diverse array of over 65 individuals spanning across the social sciences. Click here to see TESS's team of APIs.


Call for proposals (12/2012): TESS's Short Studies Program (SSP), a new mechanism for fielding brief population-based survey experiments, is now accepting proposals. Click here for more information.


New Co-PI (10/2012): James Druckman (Northwestern University) is now co-principal investigator of TESS.


Revised limits (12/2011): Limits on the maximum length of TESS experiments have been slightly revised. See here.


New book about population experiments (8/2011): TESS founder Diana Mutz has published Population-Based Survey Experiments with Princeton University Press. The book uses many examples from past TESS studies.


New proposal-handling system (2/2010): TESS is now using the ScholarOne Manuscripts system to handle new proposals.


Searchable archives (8/2009): Summaries of previous studies are now provided in a searchable format.


Expanded limits (5/2009): TESS can now field larger experiments! See our new page on the maximum size of TESS experiments.


New website (3/2009): Along with the new look, we have updated many policies. Check our FAQ if you are planning to propose a TESS project.


New principal investigators (1/2009): Jeremy Freese and Penny Visser have succeeded originators Arthur Lupia and Diana Mutz as the co-PIs of TESS. 

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